Do Qaidi (India, 1989)

Sometimes I worry that I’ve seen all the decent Govinda movies available and all that is left is an ocean of David Dhawan nightmares where 90% of the scenes have Shakti Kapoor in them.

But I recently watched a bunch of decent ones, and this is one of them. It’s not the greatest movie of all time but it’s definitely a ‘Govinda is the best thing about this movie’ on the scale.

Govinda and Sanjay are small time goons who hate each other because one of them messed up their friendship in the past by tricking the other during a deal. Neelam and Farah are sisters who have lost each other. Neelam narrowly avoided being human trafficked and now is a pickpocket, Farah is crossdressing and beating up men in the streets while searching for Neelam.

Farah rooms with Sanjay, until he by chance finds out she is a girl, is not creepy about it, and they fall in love. Govinda saves Neelam from being arrested for pickpocketing, and they likewise fall in love.

Their small time goonery gets them involved in a scheme that ends in a police chief getting killed, they get blamed for it, and they have to go on the run chained together. They rekindle their friendship, and try to bring the real killers to justice.

This movie is really engrossing for the first hour or so, then gradually diminishes in quality for the rest of its running time. The end is especially stupid.

The heroines start out really great, especially Farah and her fighting, but they essentially disappear for the second half. It’s too bad, but I’d still say it does well for women for an 80s movie, also because the police chief’s wife is a good character with a lot of agency.

You’d think this movie would be a lot more homoerotic than it is, but it still has its moments, like this song. When they get chained together it’s pretty good, especially when they get covered in mud and Sanjay has to manhandle Govinda’s wet arse for a solid minute. Sanjay also removes a bullet from Govinda’s arm which, as we all know, is code for sex.

Honestly, the only two good songs are the parody one above and this one featuring the world’s most AMAZING shoes and some excellent footwork.

Govinda doesn’t have much acting to do, though he and Sanjay both do a good job of love-hating each other. 1989/1990 was in my opinion his overall peak looks-wise, so there’s that. Just stunningly beautiful.

Absolutely one I’d recommend for people who think they don’t like Govinda, but also a fun one for fans.

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